Anti-Fog Spray Cleaner for Motorcycle Goggles

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8oz Anti-fog Spray & Lens Cleaner for motorcycle goggles and helmets.

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Quick Sheen anti-fog spray for motorcycle goggles and helmets works as an anti-fog and cleaner for glass, mirrors, and windshields, in addition to eyeglasses, gun scopes, binoculars, sports goggles, military masks, goggles, and safety glasses.

It also prevents debris and tiny dust particles from adhering to motorcycle goggle lenses or other glass or plastic surfaces.

Quick Sheen anti-fog spray contains no silicone, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. It will not scratch or harm glass or plastics. Quick Sheen anti-fog spray is especially safe on Lexan that is used for motorcycle and boat windshields. Quick Sheen anti-fog spray also softens bugs so they are removed easily without scratching the windshields.

Quick Sheen anti-fog spray and lens cleaner is Non-Flammable & Non-Hazardous.

Also works great on:

  • Industrial Sensors
  • Paintball Masks & Goggles
  • Eyeglasses/Sunglasses
  • Scuba Divers’ Masks
  • Industrial Safety Glasses
  • Swimmers’ Goggles
  • Lab Technician Safety Glasses
  • Ice Hockey Masks & Glasses
  • Binoculars & Rifle Scopes
  • Snow Skier Glasses/Goggles/Helmet Shields
  • Military Masks & Goggles
  • Snowmobile Helmet Shields
  • Computer Screens/Cell Phone Screens
  • Any Glass/Plastic
  • Motorcycle Helmet Visors


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